Merchant Cash Advance

Give Your Business’ Finances a Boost With a Merchant Cash Advance 

If you are looking for a way to acquire extra cash for your business, at USA Capital Funding, we recommend a merchant cash advance. We can offer you an advance for every location you operate of up to $200,000. An advantageous alternative to acquiring a small business loan, the funding you receive is provided against all future credit card sales, and you typically receive it within seven days or less.

Benefits of Our Program

One of the main benefits of acquiring a merchant cash advance is that you can use the funding however you see fit. For example, you can use it to advertise your operations, expand your business, or purchase new inventory. This program is also advantageous because:

  • We do not charge an application fee or closing costs
  • You do not lose any equity
  • We make it easy to pay back the advance

Most importantly, our professionals will make sure that obtaining one of these advances is the right choice for your operations and ensure you receive your funding in an efficient manner.

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