Consumer Finance

Flexible Consumer Finance Solutions

USA Capital Funding is able to offer a variety of consumer finance options to meet the needs of any business with services and merchandise under $10,000. Whether you have an existing portfolio of loans or want to provide financing for customers with a range of credit scores, our team can help design a program to increase the bottom line and prevent lost sales.

Benefits of In-House Lending Programs

Offering in-house lending can boost sales, increase repeat customers and build brand recognition. Our array of programs offers many benefits:

  • Flexible interest rates for consumers
  • Applicable over a wide selection of industries
  • Innovative programming, such as six months same as cash
  • Financing for clients with low credit scores (down to 580 Fico)
  • Immediate approval and processing
  • Electronic signature capabilities
  • Tiered consumer pricing

Program Support

From bad debt collection to financing for a wider variety of your customers, our program offers top-tier support for clients looking to expand their business and increase profitability. We also offer retail installment contracts, revolving credit agreements and the support needed to set up programs that will work for your industry. Our past selection of clients includes:

  • Medical and dental offices
  • Jewelry stores
  • Private and vacation schools
  • Retail businesses
  • Membership-based businesses
  • Furniture suppliers
  • Security/Alarm companies

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